Salty Brine State Beach

100 Great Island Road, Narragansett RI

Construction has finished on what is a new 2,800 sq. foot beach pavilion. This new building includes technology to meet sustainable or “green” building design criteria. This includes an energy efficient building shell to minimize heating loads, solar hot water panels, and a residential size 10 KW Bergey wind turbine on a 100 foot tower.

This project brings many other new features for beachgoers to enjoy, including a new boardwalk along the jetty with overlook platforms, a shade structure, decks, and the small residential scale wind turbine will provide electricity for the facility. The pavilion itself includes a concession stand, restrooms; solar hot water to supply coin operated hot showers, and a lifeguard tower. Parts of the building are heated to provide restrooms for the early spring and fall seasons.



The cost for season passes for the 2018 summer season are listed below. Season pass parking permits can be purchased here. Parking permits are limited in number. Reserve yours today!

Purchasers will be required to provide the following information as part of the payment process:

                  Valid Email Address                                              First and Last Name

                  Date of Birth                                                            Vehicle Plate Number

                  State of Registration                                           Valid Contact Phone Number

                  Beach Location Selected                                   Pass Type Being Purchased

                  Pass Pick Up Location (*See below)




Season Pass Type

Auto Registration

DOB on License



In-state (RI)

1953 or later


Non- Resident

Out-of-State (not RI)

1953 or later


Senior Resident

In-State (RI)

1952 or earlier


Senior Non-Resident

Out-of-State (not RI)

1952 or earlier




Passes must be picked up in person and are not able to be mailed out. For verification purposes, purchasers must bring the vehicle that they intend to park for the beach season as well as their state driver’s license and vehicle registration with them at the time of pick up.

The type of season pass being purchased is dependent on the registration of the vehicle driven and the date-of-birth on the purchaser’s driver’s license.


March 1, 2018 - April 15, 2018: Passes may be picked up in person at the following locations:
  • Red Beam Garage C, 1950 Post Road, Warwick RI (Entrance on TF Green Airport Circulator)
  • Johnson & Wales Garage, 35 Richmond Street, Providence RI  


April 16, 2018 - May 24, 2018: Passes may be picked up in person at the Scarborough Overflow Lot, Across the Street from Scarborough State Beach, 870 Ocean Road, Narragansett RI


May 25, 2018 - : On or after May 25, 2018 Passes may be picked up in person at the Beach Location selected for parking.


Season pass’ must be affixed to the driver’s side outside of the windshield of the car by Propark personnel and are invalid if removed. Passes may not be sold for vehicle’s that are not physically present. Additionally, senior pass’ may not be sold to someone other than the senior to whom the vehicle is registered.

Passes are non-transferrable and do not guarantee admission to the beach at capacity times.

Per DEM regulations, the determination of Resident and Non-Resident , for the purpose of Season Pass pricing, is based solely upon the State of Vehicle Registration.